Help to fix this sound hums big

Download mp3:

Can someone fix this song for me? This is the original song, whatever mp3 I found, it hums identically. It’s a lot of bad sound when it gets a little louder.
Here, let it go and you will see, only this song can be heard badly on my speakers because it hums too much, it steams the ears. It also sounds bad in the car and I have a feeling that it will break my speakers if I turn up louder. I can reduce bass & treble, I know how to do it but it’s not the best option. Maybe there is a better trick, to keep my bass and reduce this hum.

Sorry, i upload better bitrate, download this mp3 and fix :

I can’t hear any humming, but there is a lot infrasound which could cause buzzing on some speakers.
You can remove the infrasound with a high-pass filter …
High pass filter suggestion.png

I can’t speak in English about the problem. Maybe I didn’t say the best, but here I marked here in white where it happens, this is the beginning and it happens every few seconds throughout the whole song, which is buzzing
Screenshot 2022-01-20 234131.png

Now I tried what you stated, if I went through the whole song and marked for half a second or a second where it happens and passed through this filter, I would get a good result, however, it is not a smooth transition. It’s kind of like chopping in those places where I do this filter to reduce that low-frequency buzzing. How can I impress this but let it be an equal transition for me, because I would not want to pass through the filter the whole song, but maybe these 30-40 times that appear for half a second in the song.

My suggestion was to apply the high-pass filter to the entire track, (“ctrl” +“A”)

You also have some clipping visible on show clipping , (but it is not a big noise).
Amplify” entire track by -1dB is worth trying.

I tried that too, but if I set it to be OK, then she read me a song without bass, and then the song is not what it used to be, because for me, bass is 60% of the quality of a song. :smiley:

I tried to adjust this option in several ways, but I couldn’t balance the whole song so that it doesn’t hum: D This is a song from some 2000s, so it’s weird that they made it like this because the speakers weren’t good enough to sound ok on them. The only problem is with this song

I think the the sub-bass was designed to be reproduced in a distorted way.

There are plugins to reproduce this distorted effect on the bass, e.g.
https ://
suggested settings for distorted bass.png

I didn’t manage to get a satisfactory sound with this either, so I managed to manually select part by part and then reduce the bass by 10db and I got some ok sound.

A muti-band compressor set just to compress the bass is a much quicker way of doing that.

This is good sound. But I don’t know how to make this sound with these 2 filters: /

Can ignore dirty-filter, it’s optional,
the important one is G-Multi set to compress the bass only, (i.e. “band 1” is the only one in-effect).

G-Multi compressing bass only (band 1).gif

Ok thanx bro. Now is good :smiley:
Do you add bass from these 2 filters to a song in the same way or use a third one?
There’s one old song, made for a movie that has almost no bass at all.
Same case with this song that has no bass.
When I raise the bass, I have the same hum in some places as in this previous song. And when I put it down, then the whole song is not enough bass. It seems that on this one I have to first raise the bass on the whole song and then part by part on which it hums, lower it. And this is a bad song, recorded in bad conditions probably, there is no official version.
I can’t translate what I hear into English, but I have a feeling that listening to a sound like this takes a long time while “buzzing” to break and screw up my speakers, and it’s hard on my ears. And I hear the same thing in the car and at home. And only these 2 songs, for now that I came across. Other music is OK.

“Band 1” level knob increases the bass …
band 1 (bass) level.png

If you want to expand, (rather than compress), the bass, the only free plugin I know which does that is “La Petite Excite”,
(it’s billed as an “exciter”, but it’s a two-band dynamic-range-expander)

Thank you