Help Setting Up Samson G Track Pro Mic

I have installed Audacity and I’m using a Samson G Track Pro Mic. On the microphone, there is a switch “Mono / 2 Track”

I have it set to 2 Track, which I am assuming is stereo. However, in Audacity only the left channel is showing input. What’s odd is when I switch to mono on the microphone then both channels show input.

I do have a stereo microphone correct? And if so, how do I get both channels to register input when the switch is on 2 track?


Stereo recording requires 2 microphones, one pointed to the left and one pointed to the right (or you can use a stereo mic which is two directional microphones built into one housing).

A single voice/instrument is [u]mono[/u].*

A mono recording will play through both speakers.


  • Most modern studio music recordings are recorded in multi-track mono and then mixed in stereo. Every instrument/voice is recorded on a separate channel. Then in the stereo mix, everything is [u]panned[/u] (positioned) left to right across the virtual soundstage with the main vocals in the center, etc.