Help......see screenshot

This problem began yesterday after I had to do some major furniture rearranging and reconfiguring my hardware.

Running Audacity 2.0.3 on an HP Pavilion

Windows 8.1

The input is a Presonus Audiobox.

The screenshot represents 3 input scenarios

Top track is the Presonus input with no microphone attached
The other 2 tracks are the default Windows inputs

I really need some fast help as I have a project due today
Thanks in advance

Bob H
Screenshot (9).png


I found the problem and it was a bad USB Hub…plugging the Presonus directly into a USB port on the computer solved the problem.

Thanks for your efforts and sorry to have bothered you

Bob H

It was not a bad USB hub. It was any USB hub.


True, but the computer designers seem to be cheating on the number of USB ports lately. If one is using many peripherals the port is unfortunately a must have.

Anyway, Thanks Koz for your help.

Bob H

No problem, use the hub with your mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, lava-lamp, chess game, photoframe, … just not with your audio interface which requires reliable real-time data streaming. :slight_smile: