help saving voicemail

I have a mac running OS X Yosemite and a samsung note 3 with verizon.

I bought a male to male audio cord to try to play the voicemail and record it in audacity, but audacity isn’t recognizing the input. The only input available in the dropdown is the built-in microphone. I can’t figure out what to do.

I can’t figure out what to do.

Some voicemail systems allow you to export your voicemails as sound files. I’d start with the phone manuals.

mac running OS X Yosemite

What kind of Mac? How old?


I see what the problem is. The audio cable is the process when you can’t get anything else to work.

What kind of Mac is it?


I assume this phone uses the Android operating system, right? If so the voicemails are probably stored in the cloud and you may have to pay to retrieve them.

The received wisdom if you want to regularly access voicemails on Android, and if you are in the USA, is to install the GoogleVoice app and set that up to handle your voicemail. Then you can save your voicemails from your web browser.

If you are outside the USA I am not so sure. Some features of GoogleVoice may be available in Gmail in some countries.