Help removing throat clearing

I record videos… long ones :slight_smile: … and I also have a medical condition that means I’m always clearing my throat.

What I’m looking for may not exist, as the usual noise removal feature doesn’t remove the actual spikes, it just quietens everything, and when I’ve seen similar discussions the suggestion is to cut and paste another phrase; but the amount that I clear my throat during a video would make this a very laborious process.

I’m looking for some technique or filter, that can remove the throat clears. One example is here - [advertising link removed] and you can see the people complaining in the comments!

Grateful for any thoughts as I haven’t found any automation process to do this.

Best to post a link to your own work rather than promoting another product. This could be easily misconstrued.

Provided the throat clearing is consistently louder than all the other audio,
a free Audacity plugin called PopMute can detect and attenuate them …


Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

That should have been a link to one of my videos demonstrating GnuCash, which is free software, so I don’t know how that could be misconstrued.

Adobe Enhance (currently free) is also worth a try …


Thanks for this. Unfortunately Jademan removed the link to my video where I demonstrated the throat clearing, so I daren’t post another one. But I’ll try both of your very kind suggestions and see where I go.

PopMute is working well. I just have to apply it in segments as it can’t handle a large video in one chunk… but that’s a minor thing for what it’s giving me.

Thank you very, very much.

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