help reducing background noise

I am new to audacity and audio processing in general and was hoping someone could lend a bit of help. I have an interview that was done in a car, which has a steady hum in the background. Most of the voices are fairly clear, but some sections are a bit drowned out by the road noise. I fully understand that i can’t remove the noise, but i was hoping i could simply reduce it. This is not intended to used by anyone, so i don’t mind if it the quality is crummy if i can hear the conversation a bit better. Any tips on the noise reduction settings?? I have no idea where to even start.

Noise Reduction works in two steps.

You run the tool and perform the profile step where you select some portion of the show with Noise Only for the tool to “taste.”

Then you run the tool again and it uses that taste to know what to remove from the performance.

Start the first value: Noise Reduction in low numbers such as 9 or 12. Those reduction values should work gently and have little or no evil effect on the show. As the reduction values go up, the background noises go down, but the more the show can become brittle and honky. It’s a juggling act. There is no: “push is button and everything is perfect.”