Help recreating this kind of robotic voice

So, today I wanted to create a robotic voice and suddenly I found this video and I’m wondering how he did the voice and if perhaps I could do something similar with Audacity.
All I could get It’s a very metallic voice with echoes like any generic robotic voice but his voice sounds very different to any kind of robotic voice that I heard before

Some kind of tips or advices?
Thank you so much

I suspect the first thing we need to address is your normal voice. The sample sounds like a small child. If you’re a 48-year old male smoker, we can’t help you.

But past that, I think I would try Effect > Vocoder.

But more to the point in this specific instance, I would duplicate the original voice and mix it into the voice created by vocoder.Then season lightly with the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) so the two voices are slightly off kilter to each other. Maybe add a pinch of echo or other distortion to the vocoder voice. You can play up the distortion in the vocoer effect voice because you always have a bit of the original there for intelligibility to keep the performance from becoming muddy trash.

Unless you want muddy trash.


The voice is being mixed with a pitch-shifted version of itself.
If you’re on Windows, try the free KeroVee autotune plugin.
Mix the original voice with an autotuned version.

doors.xml (2.35 KB)

I have been quiet for a while because reasons but I would let you know I appreciate your help a lot, Trebor and kozikowski, and I wanted to let you know that I have done a lot of progress since the first post thanks to you, guys.

Thank you for your time, really