Help Recording With CDJ's & Saffire Pro DSP24


First post on the forum. My Macbook doesn’t have the option to use the audio port for a line-in and I’m having serious problems trying to work out how to record a DJ mix through my Pioneer CDJ’s / mixer using my soundcard (Saffire Pro DSP24). My set up is as follows:

  • XLR to jack cables going from Rokit monitors to Saffire Pro soundcard
  • Saffire Pro soundcard connected to Macbook through firewire.
  • Phono to jack connections going from master out on my DJM mixer to line in on my sound card.

The sound is coming through my monitors fine and I can see the audio signal coming through the mix control software of my soundcard on my Macbook. The problem seems to lie with Audacity as when I press record, it’s not picking up any sound/audio signal. I have my Saffire Pro selected as my input and output in Audacity and also set to 2 stereo inputs.

Can someone please advise what I’m doing wrong?

Any help much appreciated!

I’m guessing now. Did you match the Saffire sound settings in Audacity? It’s not a stereo device. It’s 8 channel and goodness only knows what the sound specifications are.

You have the symptoms of trying to record a USB microphone, but picking stereo instead of mono by accident. Everything appears to be exactly correct, but it just doesn’t work.

You can also go into Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input and see if you can find the device there. Also mess around in Go > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup. That’s the panel you can set number of sound channels, but it has no sound meters.