Help recording from super ear personal sound amplifier from headphone out

I’m doing a project and trying to record from the headphone output of a super ear personal sound amplifier. Can anyone give me tips on how to make this work? Is it possible to record directly to something like a zoom recorder also? Or would I be best using some sort of audio interface to a computer?

This is the super ear

You can connect headphone-out to line-in (usually blue) on a regular soundcard in a desktop/tower computer.

Most laptops only have mic-in and headphone out so you’ll need a USB audio interface with line-in. The Behringer UCA202 is popular and relatively inexpensive. Or there are lots of higher-end interfaces with switchable mic-line inputs.

Most interfaces have a different kind of connector so you’ll need a different cable.

If you just want the sound of a cheap hearing-aid,
Audacity’s Helmet radio plugin can do that , see …

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