Help Please - Yamaha P45 Digital Piano


We have connected my Daughters Yamaha P45 Digital Piano to her laptop with a USB cable, it shows in device manager as a Digital Piano and happily installs the drivers.

When we open Audacity 2.2.1 however it does not see the device so the only way we can get the piano to record is via the microphone on the laptop including keypress noise etc.

We have tried altering the input source but cannot seem to get it to use the digital piano as the input source. We are using a laptop with Windows 10.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Chances are terrific that’s MIDI, not digital music.

That’s how mine work. I record the headphone connection of both keyboards. I either use the Stereo Line-In of my Macs, or record on a Windows machine with a Behringer UCA-202.

MIDI is machine control. “Push B flat, hold it for ten seconds and then let go.” It has nothing to do with sound.


One of these.

Get an adapter from 1/8" stereo Female to 1/4" stereo Male. I don’t think I have a picture of that…


Thanks for your reply.

I’ll get her a Behringer UCA-202 I’m guessing what she plays is listened to via the headphone jack on the Behringer UCA-202, is there any audio lag?

is there any audio lag?

Put the Monitor switch on and then you can listen to your live performance in real time. That’s one of the reasons this device is certified for Perfect Overdubbing. You can listen to your live performance in real time and the backing track in Audacity. You’ll have to juggle the volumes, but you will be able to hear a theatrically perfect mix during the performance. All this is, of course, assuming you set up recording latency, etc, etc.

The little headphone amplifier inside the UCA-202 will not melt your socks with high volume, but you can apply that headphone signal to much larger amplifier if you need to.


There is a published document for overdubbing.