Help please! Trying to amplify a very tiny cat meow.

Hi everyone!

I recorded a couple cat meows, but I’m not sure how to amplify them without creating a lot of weird noise. Any tips?
I attached the sound files since they are tiny. And a picture of the cat. Because you like cats.


That’s Reddit that likes cats.

Did you already try to noise reduce those samples? How did you record? Exactly. Microphone, Connection, Computer, Versions, etc. It sounds like you have one of two serious problems depending on how you respond.


I recorded with the microphone of a USB headset into Windows 7 Sound Recorder… I ended up doing a 20db amplify followed by using Noise Removal to get a Noise Profile of a small part of it and then running Noise Removal over the whole thing. I still get a bit of noise behind the sound, but it’s much better than before. I’m sure you guys have better methods though, and I’d still like to improve the files if possible.

I’m afraid I don’t have better recording options… I doubt my phone could do any better than the USB headset’s mic. And my cat is actually normally very quiet, so it’s hard to get her to meow on queue. Probably going to have to work with these files.

If any cat will do …

Hi kythlyn,

Unfortunately, the law of physics & dynamics are against you.

Firstly the mics on headsets are ‘tuned’ for a close proximity human voice & within an specific frequncy range, thereby giving an optimum response and thereby, will be less sensitive for your cat’s meow.

Secondly, to get a successful amplification, you need the detected sound to be greater than that of the recording medium, known as “Signal to Noise Ratio” and so, if the sound of subject is lower than that of the recording medium, the medium’s noise - when amplified greater than that of the subject.

In other words: “You can’t make a silk purse out of a Sow’s ear”.

It amuses me when we see TV Progs like Spooks or Films like Mission Impossible where they can isolate & amplify a sound as week as a ant’s fart into a Hi-Fi like sound…yeh right (Not)

Thank you!! I had been searching for a site with free use sound effects! You just solved a lot of problems for the project I am working on. :smiley:

Yeah, I was afraid of that. But I thank you all anyway for your time and replies!

Here’s a message for your cat…


I know this isn’t quite the same…but I am deaf (some hearing). I want to amplify my kittens meows and purrs. A mic in a collar? Any ideas?