Help, please - a recording is corrupted

Hi, a newbie here. So I made an audio recording with audacity and the project file is missing many parts of the recording (see the screenshot attached). The corrupted parts are silent. Is there a way to fix it? Could you, please, at least advise how do I search for the solution?

I would very appreciate any help, this is quite an important recording for me ;(

Unfortunately, your screen shot does not show the parts that are missing.

Are you getting any specific error messages ?

There is a corrupt file recovery procedure here: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery, but I would not keep my hopes up that it will find anything other than what you already have.

Even before that, you could try Ctrl+A=Select All, Ctrl+C=Copy, Ctrl+N=New, Ctrl+V=Paste to try to copy the known data from your old project into a new, uncorrupted one.

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