Help or Manual missing

Click on “Help” does not respond. When turning Audacity ‘on’ get the sub-window which says if I have not installed ‘help’ or ‘manual’ to go online help, click online - no respond.
While installing, was not asked for any help or manual to install.
What to do to fix it, or where to get the ‘help’ or ‘manual’.
Answers will be appreciated.
os is win 10 pro, Audacity is 2.1.3

  1. Uninstall the version of Audacity that you have.
  2. Download “Audacity 2.1.3 installer (25.86 MB, includes help files)” via the link on this page of the Audacity website:
  3. When the download has completed, use the on-line “checksum” calculator here
    The “sha256” result should be: 12d83cb444734e3aaba8114115a83f7ceaa314d14641cde65b4f35f9847c5e1f
  4. If the sha256 is correct, install Audacity by double clicking on the exe file and follow the on-screen instructions/
  5. During the installation look for the option to “Reset Preferences” and enable that option.
  6. On first run, confirm that you wish to reset preferences.

(More information about the “checksum” step here: