help on using for Sierra 10.2.6 going nuts

Ok so I have read multiple times I cannot just install and run the file and I have attempted to do as told but I still keep getting the error message about the unidentified publisher etc. For starters, I don’t have an applications shortcut on my desk top? Guess I deleted it? Im using a MacBook Pro. I have dragged the entire folder into applications and when I click on the application itself I get the error message, when I click on the dmg, it just shows me a new window informing me to drag it into applications! Its like a vicious cycle can someone please help?

Sierra is 10.12.

If you double click the .dmg file, you should get an installer graphic.

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 09.00.37.png
That’s not just a pretty picture. That’s the actual installer program. Click on the Audacity picture and drag it to the Applications picture.

Post back if that doesn’t work.


Sorry I guess that was a poor way of explaining myself. I have done that multiple times, I just did it again and chose to “Replace the other file” it made the sound effect for when you drag an drop a folder and still the same error message when I go to open it about it being from an identified publisher.

Right-click on the Audacity icon in the Applications folder and choose “Open …” from the drop-down menu. You will encounter one or two dialogs asking if you really want to open it - say “OK” to both. Once you’ve done this Audacity should open normally.
– Bill

Hi there,

I have had this issue before. Not with audacity but with other apps. However, I am using macOS Mojave (10.14.6).

What I did to solve this was the following:

After you opened the DMG file and moved the Audacity icon to the Applications folder do this.
Click on the Apple icon (top left of your screen) > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Tab General > Click on the Option (Open the Audacity app anyway).

It should open it up automatically or to allow you to open it once you double click on it again. I hope to have helped! Good luck!

Thank you,