help on getting an older lo-fi sound

i would very much like to get the sound quality that is shown in this track

there is a little part of the rolling stones “paint it black” that you can really hear how much the tone has been shaped

would like to see if i can get this with the standard audacity plug-ins if possible

i am thinking i may need to record from music played out of speakers and then run lo-pass on it but any help would be greatly appreciated

running this on a dell inspiron mini with windows 7 starter (sad i know). using audacity 2.03. got the exe install


I’m getting an equalizer cutting highs and lows – you need to experiment. Possibly a pass through Effect > Leveler to get that fuzzy sound and then add background/noise to taste. I think somebody spent a very long time producing that track and we’re not likely to be able to easily reproduce it using an effect or two. Maybe over time and multiple playings of the original compared with yours.

This is where being able to listen and hear what’s going on is valuable. That’s not a button in Audacity.


Another quick note. Small, under-powered machines are not welcome in the Land Of Audacity. Audio production takes healthy resources and you might find Audacity crashing if you try to apply multiple effects and tools repeatedly, which you will probably need with this job. If you do it right, you may produce sound with crackles in it or crash your machine.

Live audio is not like recalculating a spreadsheet where you can go for coffee while the machine works on it. Audio and the effects all run in real time. The next musical note is not going to wait.

Not all computers are Digital Audio Workstations.


There is a free vst plugin called Lumonix LFX-1310 that has some lofi effects in it. It has a basic eq and an effect called LP Noise which adds vinyl record pops and hiss. It also has an effect called Crusher that can produce lofi type effects.