hi, Ive looked all across the forum and this is a regular problem but noone seems to fully answer it and I am stuck and its irritating the bee gees outta me!!
OK so here goes…

Audacity 2.0.3

Windows X.P

Traktor L.E

RealTek Audio Manager:
Audio driver
Direct X 9.0

Numark mixtrack - usb powered mixer with NO sound card built in - NO OUTPUTS AT ALL!!! just the usb!!! that’s it!!!

Numark Dj-io - usb powered external audio interface with 2 x phono outputs.

OK so i have output 1 of the DJ-IO going to the speakers and output 2 going back in to the line in on the sound-card,
I get sound coming though speakers and headphones, i get cueing in the other channel all good, I can record - however it records both channel 1 & 2 of the mixer regardless of the fader position!!,
I have tried to swap around the output 1& 2 and it sends the whole thing nutzz and when i record then the sound wave comes up but no noise as such.

As i say ive scanned alot of forums but no-one has a finished item theyre all left danglling as such!!

Any help be great thanx!!! :mrgreen: :ugeek:

…irritating the bee gees…

Stayin’ alive.
Stayin’ alive.

As I remember the last time we messed with one of these systems, the two outputs of the mixer are not the same. The Show only comes out of one stereo hole and you need to split that one feed up into all the places it needs to go. Y cables are the answer.

And I’m not Jive Talkin’.