Help: Mio iconnect to windows

Hi all.

I have a korg and mio iconnect midi to usb. My device driver recognises it and says its working. I also have a program called MIDI-OX. And it gets a signal and shows the laptop is recognising the signal.

But for the life of me i cant figure out how to get Audacity to work and record the signal.

PLEASE HELP ME…i am sure i am missing something simple.

windows 8.1 Dell

the laptop is recognising the signal.

Yes, but the signal isn’t sound. Audacity doesn’t know what to do with the MIDI signal. If you use the MIDI signal in the computer to tell the computer’s MIDI interpreter which instruments to play and how, now it’s sound and that you can record in Audacity.


Please explain how to get audacity to record my korg.

I meabt to say that the laptop is recognising the device.

I have an adapter that I plug into the headphone connection of my keyboard and plug into the analog stereo connection of my Mac. Launch Audacity. Press Record.

One cable. I have to split that cable if I want to hear while I’m recording. I have a separate large sound system connected via a “Y” cable.

If your laptop has no stereo Line-In (which is normal in a newer laptop) you can use a stereo USB adapter such as the Behringer UCA202.

Picture the keyboard in place of the mixer on the right.


If you really, really want to use MIDI, you’ll have to find the MIDI interpreter in your computer. It should be possible to press a key on your keyboard and have the computer sound the note. Basic MIDI.

Please note that the quality of the sound depends on the computer, not the Korg. The computer is sounding the notes and it may not have the same instruments the Korg does.

Once you get that far, you can make Audacity record music playing on the computer, which is a fairly easy thing to do.

Jury’s out on whether you can hear what you’re doing in real time. That’s what kills you in odd sound pathways. The sound you hear is late from the key you pressed which can make recording music very entertaining.

The Behringer UCA202 is certified for perfect overdubbing if you want to layer multiple instruments one after the other into one song.


I’m pretty sure we wrote something about recording your keyboard. Looking.


Basically what I said using different English words.


You should also know that Windows frequently tries to “help you” by processing the recorded sound. You should turn that off because the processing Hates music.


Thank you. No i dont really have to use midi. My son and i bought the mio converter at guitar center and i will return it and get a audio out to usb converter.

Thank you. The midi has been very frustrating to get to work.

get a audio out to usb converter.

You should be careful about that. There are Cheaper USB sound adapters such as the StarTech ICUSBAUDIO. The ads say “STEREO” in bold letters, but it only plays stereo, it won’t record it. There are also USB Cables that can adapt, for example, a guitar connection straight to USB, but those are mono as well. My keyboard has stereo effects and that organ clip is a full stereo sampling of Notre Dame.

It’s rough to beat that Behringer. You will need something like that if you decide to do multi-layer production and overdubbing (play all the instruments in the song one after the other). The UCA202 has a zero latency monitoring point. In English, a place to put your headphones that lets you hear a perfect music mix as you play it. That’s harder than you think.


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