Help me to save my project: Error: not well-formed

I take the message :

Error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 6513

Ι have lost 2 recordings today, I made them from radio.
My PC crashed this two times when I recording,
if I push more the computer, or if I try to do more works,
maybe it need FORMAT.

Can you help me???

I will try to upload the .aup file
.autosave file and show lof file if you help.

I read the local:
The topic: Why do I get “Error: not well formed (invalid token) at line x”?

but I can’t find the lines that to have the problem in aup file.
I try it to open with notepad.

My project file is 2 hours, I use version Audacity 2.0.3, I try to make it
with 44100 Hz, I don’t know if you want more info to help.

My aup file is very small, why? I can’t see many info inside,
and the basic, I can’t find the line 6513.

Sorry, But If my English is bad.
log file.txt (2.2 KB)
Roger.aup (413 Bytes)
Νέα Εργασία - 2013-05-27 03-38-49 N-24.autosave (361 KB)

Noone can help?

Gale , steve?

Thanks for trying the Frequently Asked Question and uploading files.

From the log, Audacity was trying to open that autosave file but I think it’s partially corrupt because the save was interrupted by the crash. I have attached a version edited at the line indicated in the error but I am not sure how much audio you will get out of it.

Really you need to fix the computer crashing. What version of Windows is it, and how much RAM and disk space does it have? Have you read this FAQ ?

Νέα Εργασία - 2013-05-27 03-38-49 N-24.autosave (358 KB)

Thank you, Gale for your help.

I check your autosave file and I tell you what happend.

I have Windows XP SP3 Version 2002, CPU: Pentium4 3GHz, 1 GB RAM
and I have 10 GB free space in my desktop to make the recordings.

The crashes happened sometimes if I try see some video with fullscreen
or without fullscreen.
What happened if crash my desktop?

I don’t take the blue screen with the strange letters.
All screen stuck, nothing help only reboot with button, not work mouse,
not work Ctrl+Alt+Delete, not work Alt+F4, not work Alt+Tab and the strange
is the hard disk not try to read something.

Thank you Gale for your file, I check it and I tell you what happend.

Gale, I have very good news, your autosave file its worked perfect,
I can see ALL my project!!!

Thank you very much for your help Gale !!! :smiley:

I test your file first in the full project. What I mean full project?

When my computer crashed, the folder “audacity_temp” had size 2,43 GB !!
(I keep it this full folder in another hard disk).

But after, I try to save my project with .aup file and when my project
had size 2,13 GB !!

Maybe its good idea to keep the first full folder with the full recording.

What do you think, it can happend all of this to tell you now?
If its true, is good for all users to have the same problem, keep
first the folder “audacity_temp” with the fuul size of recording, after
keep your save project with .aup file and the .autosave file !!

Gale, If you see again my first post, I lost 2 recordings from computer crash.
For a good luck for me, I think before to keep it and the another recording
with the same problem.

Can you fix me again and my second record?

I wiil try to upload my second autosave file. But I don’t try to save this project
with .aup file. I keep it only the “audacity_temp” with my full recording inside,
and I keep the .autosave file . The “audacity_temp” have inside 5,05 GB files.
Its more big from another project.

I know, my English is little bad, and I’m sorry if Ι tired you with my problems !!

I try to upload my second project after, I must to save successfull my first project.

Gale, I save the first project successfull.

Now I try to upload the log file and the second autosave file from my second
lost recording.

Now the error is in the line 13665

Error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 13665

If you can to fix it ??

Thank you.
Νέα Εργασία - 2013-05-26 18-09-13 N-107.autosave (705 KB)
log file 2.txt (2.13 KB)

Here is a possible fix for your N-107 autosave.

If you have any more corrupted autosave files like this, make a copy of it as a backup, then turn wordwrap off in your text editor and delete all the offending line cited in the error (delete all the space and the at the end of that line, leaving one on the last line).

Choose Save As in the editor and save with UTF-8 encoding (or at least, not as ANSI).

Νέα Εργασία - 2013-05-26 18-09-13 N-107.autosave (704 KB)

Thank you very much, Gale :smiley:

It work perfect and your second autosave file !!

Thank you and for your tutorial to fix my autosave files alone.

If I have the same problem in the future, I will try to fix alone
with your tutorial.


This may be OK, if you had made changes to the recording (for example, cut some pieces out or applied an effect). Audacity would retain the old pieces in case you wanted to undo the change, but when you closed the project after saving it, Audacity would delete the pieces that had been needed for Undo. This would make the size of the saved and closed project data smaller than when it was temp data or when you had saved the project but still had it open in Audacity.

When you save the recording as a project, Audacity “should” move the data in its temp folder to the _data folder for the saved project, so the data should not be in the temp folder any longer.

If the computer is liable to freeze then I would suggest File > Save Project As to save an empty project to record into. Then the data does not need to be moved from the temp folder as it would if you saved the project later on. As it is now, if the computer freezes when you save the project it is possible some data is lost when it has to be moved from the temp folder.

Also as soon as you stop recording, File > Export a WAV file. A WAV is much easier to work with if there are problems with the project - just launch Audacity and import the WAV.

Do the autosave files I edited give you all the recording you were expecting - or only about half of it?

You need to fix these crashes and freezes. If it is a branded computer like Dell or HP, go to the web site of your computer manufacturer and look for video drivers meant for Windows XP SP3 and your particular computer model. Do the same task for audio drivers.

If you need help, please state the make and model number of the computer.

Are you recording the audio of a video file? If so, there may be better solutions than that - you can install FFmpeg ( ) then drag the video into Audacity and Audacity will extract the audio for you in a few moments.