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Hi, I need to create three frequency modulated (FM) sound signal, one sweeping from 1000 Hz to 50 Hz, other 35 to 34 kHz and other 160 to 158 kHz.

how can i do this with audacity???

Thanks you for helping me!!!

You can create a sweep from 1000Hz to 50Hz via generate chirp.

The sweep alone is not an FM thing, (& frequencies above 20kHz are inaudible).

frequencies above 20kHz are inaudible

It’s worse than that. The digital sampling rate has to support what you’re doing and 44100 runs out of poop at 22KHz.

Audacity disappoints scientists.

Anywhere there is a choice between strict scientific accuracy and sounding good, audacity will pick sounding good.

For example, Audacity works internally at a very high sound quality to suppress accidental production damage. When you finish your work and want to make a regular, normal sound file, it adds a very tiny hiss “dither signal” to keep audible conversion errors from presenting. Human listeners don’t notice it, but strict analysis is going to point to that signal and wondering what what it’s doing there.

What’s the goal? Paper for your Masters? Sometimes we can suggest works-around if we know what the actual job is.


Hi, I´m doing my PhD and I need to replicate this:

In the nectar experiments, we used five signals, including bee recordings, three artificial sound stimuli and silence. The artificial sound stimuli were generated using acoustic software (Avisoft, Saslablite). The ‘Low’ frequency stimulus consisted of a 10-s frequency modulated (FM) sound signal sweeping from 1000 Hz to 50 Hz, covering the frequency range of the wingbeat of natural pollinators. The ‘Intermediate’ frequency stimulus consisted of a 10-s frequency modulated sound signal sweeping from 35 to 34 kHz. The ‘High’ frequency stimulus consisted of a 10-s frequency modulated sound signal sweeping from 160 to 158 kHz, a frequency that is clearly out of range for pollinator wingbeat

but i don´t have acces to avisoft program…

Do you have access to ultrasonic playback equipment?
If so, what format does it require for the ultrasonic data?
(Normal audio equipment is incapable of producing frequencies much above 20 kHz.)

What is the carrier frequency?

You can create a frequency sweep with the “Chirp” generator:
The sample rate must be more than 2x the highest frequency that you wish to produce.

The maximum sample rate supported by Audacity is 1Mhz.
The maximum supported sample rate for most sound cards is one of: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz.

Audacity can generate a 35kHz signal (which is inaudible ultrasound) if you use a sample rate of, say, 10x that, (350kHz),
but normal audio electronics won’t reproduce 35kHz, nor will normal speakers/headphones, they stop at 20kHz, (at best).

I find it hard to bee-live they can hear ultrasound, (i.e. sound above 20kHz) …

https ://www.

Having seen bees repeatedly bang into glass windows, I don’t think they have sonar.

Thanks you very much for helping me!!!

Wow! That was an interesting conversation!