Help making spoken tracks match tempo!

I’m a noob but a fast learner. Basically I’m looking to make a simple spoken track’s match a song or a beat. Something like what they did in this mix’s

I’m not naive I know it’s not going to be easy, but I’m determine I rely want to do this any help you guys can offer me I’d very much appreciate it.

Use Audacity 1.3 rather than 1.2

Find or make your beat track first then practice your words. Adding the words is similar to the method described in this tutorial:
You will probably find it easiest to record the words in short sections then you can edit them, copy and paste and shift the “clips” left/right with the time shift tool (double headed arrow).

In those examples they have disguised the voice using a “Vocoder” type effect and “Reverb” (to try and cover up the fact that they can’t sing).
The vocoder effect must be applied to a stereo track that has your voice in the Left channel and some other sound in the right channel (there’s a write-up somewhere on this forum about using the Vocoder effect)
There’s some hints on using Reverb effects here: