Help - Make a FM Sound Effect

Hi! Did someone knows how to make this FM Sound Effect into MP3 on Audacity? I tried to found some mods and it doesn’t sound like what I want.

Do you mean: “What effects are used in this sample?”
The most obvious effect is AutoTune (see “Cher effect”).

Autotune does not support Audacity.

See also this topic:

The full ($30) version of Grallion2 plugin has pitch-correction (i.e. autotune), and modulation effects
Try the free version in Audcaity first before you buy, to see if you can get it to work.

Another solution would be the standalone* version of O-Vox ($40-$75)…
Again try free demo version before you buy.

[ * O-Vox won’t work in Audacity, Grallion2 will ]

@steve I tried this solution, but it doesn’t work

@Trebor It doesn’t work.

I will try the second solution, @Trebor

@steve It works.

But now how do I try to sound like that example using GSnap?

Unless you’re using the 64-bit version of Audacity, you’ll need the old 32-bit version of Grallion2
https ://www.
“” (not the VST3 version)

Ok. I will try.

It doesn’t work. Again. And yes, I used the old 32-bit version of Grallion2

Works for me …
Grallion2 (32-bit) on Audcaity(32-bit) on Windows.jpg
BTW none of your Google-drive images are visible, (you haven’t given permission for others to see them).

I will try to reinstall Audacity, and then, i will retry to put Grallion2 32-bit version.

It works. Now, how do I make that FM sound effect using Grallion2?

The free version of Grallion2 just does pitch-correction, which can be adjusted to the “Cher” effect …
You have to pay for the full version to enable the modulation effects …

Again your images not visible to anyone other than you.
There is a permission within google-drive to allow others to see them: “anyone with a link”.

  1. I don’t have money to pay this.
  2. Next time, I don’t post the images, if you say that my images is not visibile.

There are free Audacity plugins for Tremolo/vibrato, ring-modulation & bitcrush.
Apply them after the Grallion2 pitch-correction. IMO that’s the closest you can get for free.

I will try!

I tried your solution and it doesn’t sounds like what I want.

The “Na-na-heh” bit has pitch-correction and ADT which is the female voice is shifted down an octave.
The free version of Grallion2 can do both of those at the same time …
suggested settings for octave lower chorus.png