HELP!!! lol

I just got a Mxl 990 and a Tascam US-800 and one problem i have is it only records in the left speaker whether it be mono or stereo and If i pan it all the way to the right i get no sound from the recording… and its not my speakers because the beat still plays out of both speakers… I just need to figure out how to get my vocals out of both speakers and please dont use a bunch of confusing terms with out explaining because idk what inputs your talking about Im a noob lol Please help though !

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“split stereo to mono” is shown here …

Nice looking gear.
When you’ve got used to it and had time to fully asses it I hope you’ll post a review in one of out “Equipment” topics:

The microphone is a mono device so it is expected that it will produce mono recordings.
What you need to know is how to make a mono recording that plays through both speakers (like when you play a mono radio broadcast through a stereo radio).

The way to do that is to plug the microphone into channel 1 of the Tascam US-800 and set Audacity to record “1 channel (mono)” in the Device Toolbar.