Help: Live monitor only the Left track


I have a stereo input in Audacity, and i want to mute the Right track and live monitor the Left track, and i can’t figure out how to do so.

My input is the loopback function, so i can’t just unplug the channel i don’t want to hear.

If possible i’d like to avoid recording while monitoring. I want to direct the sound directly from the loopback function to the output.

My problem is, that when i start to monitor i hear both the Right and the Left track.

Sorry if it’s a rookie question, I’m new to Audacity.

I can just turn off the right track in windows sound settings, which should do the trick. But I was hoping that i could mute the Right track and make the Left track a mono signal, playing both through the Right and Left speakers.

So you have a stereo input … From Where…Linein…Mic…Playing a song…??
So you want to mute the Right track … so you have mono…Audio Setup…Recording channels…mono. OR turn off in windows as you suggest.
Loopback function you want to hear L&R through speakers…what are your settings.
You dont want to hear L& R when monitoring…What is monitoring…?? level meters…??

You would need to describe what you are actually doing in each step

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