Help installing and copy plug-ins

can someone help me to install audacity on mac and put a plug-ins folder, because I installed audacity and even a plug-ins, but it does not work when I paste in the folder of the plug-ins.

See this topic for installing Audacity on a Mac:
Then, before installing any plug-ins, check that Audacity is working correctly with no error messages.

Once that part is correct, installing plug-ins should be straightforward, but you will need to say which plug-ins you want to install because installation varies depending on the type of plug-in. Instructions for installing “Nyquist plug-ins” are here:

I did the whole procedure but I get this message nyquist critical files Could not be found nyquist effects will not work

Uninstall Audacity completely, then follow these instructions carefully and exactly:
That error message is because you have not installed Audacity correctly.

I did Thanks