Help in removing noise

In the following link( without any modification) , there is background noise which I am unable to remove. I have tried a lot of effects, but with no good. Please guide me fellow users. Thank you.

A clock?

You need to either remove that noise source when you are recording, or record somewhere else.
It can be slightly reduced with the Noise Reduction effect, but it can’t be reduced by much without badly affecting the voice.

I see. Thank you for your help.

The background pump-noise occupies the same frequency-range as speech,
so if you turn Noise Reduction up high enough to remove it the voice will become very computery.

at that point text-to-speech would be preferable

Thank you Trebor for your demo.

This is a compromise between noise reduction and voice damage.
I took the noise sample from the end of the recording.
Noise Reduction settings: 24 / 9.00 / 4

Here’s the result:

Thank you Steve. I guess I will try to record again.

I am trying to start a poetry series as you heard above. Could you tell me what effects are recommended (in order) for audio processing of such tracks. I am a complete noob in this technical aspect. Thank you.

Spoken word recordings are usual done without effects. Just aim to get as clear and natural sounding recording as possible.

Once you have a recording that sounds clear and natural with low background noise, Noise Reduction may be used to reduce the background noise further (but the noise level should be low to start with), and “Filter Curve EQ” may be used to remove sub-sonic rumble.

There’s a guide here for audiobook producers, which is also suitable for any other spoken word recordings:

Thank you Steve for your expert help.

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That’s one of the stupid jokes about home recording.

I don’t need a studio. I just need a comfortable, air conditioned, quiet room with no echoes.

I do OK with the bedroom, but I still have to wait for the occasional MetroBus to go by. If it’s going the right direction and hits that hole in the street, it can produce a Magnitude 1.7 earthquake.

The other instant killer is being able to tell if your computer is on just by listening.

I know it’s tempting to pile all the corrections into Audacity after you stop speaking, but if you do that, you have to do that every time you open your mouth and then remember what you did.

“Wait. Did I correct the last show? @#$%^&.”