Help in recording IPad audio into Audacity on PC

I use to do this all the time, but now I notice that that the music i am bringing over sounds muffled or distorted. I use to do this with no problem, I don’t know why it is giving me this trouble now. I am using the same PC. When I record the audio with a linked iPad via a audio cord to the PC and play it back it is muffled. What can I do to change this.

That should work if you have a desktop/tower computer and you plug-into the soundcard’s line-input.

If you are using a laptop it probably only has a mono microphone input and that’s 'wrong".

I don’t have an iPad but there should be a way to copy-over the digital file (via Wi-Fi or USB).

The file should play on your PC but depending on the file format you may need to install FFmpeg if you want to open it in Audacity.