Help in correcting audio recording

Using Audacity 2.3.2 on Windows 10

I have several recordings made on a smart phone (same problem on tape recorder) in a sizable (>100 ft) room. Lots of glass, tile floor, and other opportunity for echos. Several speakers were located at the front of the room and the recordings were made about 15 ft from these.

I am having trouble determining the primary problem but think it is echo or reverberation because of size of the room and the amount of glass windows. The recording sounds tunnel or cave-like to me (hollow).

Is this fixable? If so what parameters should I use in the echo or reverb filters? Should I be using a different filter?
Yes, I realize there are other problems such as background noise but i do know how to correct these.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A sample of 5-10 sec is attached.

should I use in the echo or reverb filters?

Those are to put more echo in. There are no filters to take echo out.

That’s why people get their recorders as close as possible to the performer or use stupid-expensive microphones—or both.

You should also know that we can’t take out constantly changing background noise. That kid screaming in the background is now a permanent performer in your show.


Reverb filters can only make the problem worse.
De-reverb filters exist, but they’re expensive and not a 100% cure …

Thanks Trebor and kozikowski . Shows how little I know about audio.
I infer from what you said that my audio problem is not fixable using Audacity.
So, I will clean up the recordings as best I can and then find something better to do with my time.