Help improving tape-recorded Grandma for family reunion

I’ve used Audacity for years but am still a novice that stands in awe at what some of you can do. I’ve got a family reunion coming up and I found a .wav file of a 25-yr old recording I made with my deceased Grandmother on one of those cheap pocket tape recorders in 1991. I’m trying to clean it up and thinking of putting out over PA speakers for all to hear at the reunion, but I am out of my depth without a lot of time.
Anyone up for a challenge that wants to help? I’ve dropped a 5 minute clip here you can mess with: (It’s an interesting story about how she cared for her mother when she was young.)

  • I’ve tried copying different pieces of room noise all along the length of the clip and pasting them together in the front, using about 15 seconds of that as a Noise Reduction sample. It helps, but still lots of hiss.
  • I’ve tried Low Pass filter, Compressor, and Normalize but things are still noisy and now muddy.
  • I’ve tried the Level-Speech2 plugin (from this thread: and it seems to work really well for bringing up the voice clarity, but I think it could still be better.
  • I followed some track copy - inversion - remix steps to remove hiss from user “vpd” in this 2014 thread that didn’t seem to help much, but maybe I didn’t do it right:

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to take a swing! I just don’t have time to mess with it anymore before the reunion. If you have some steps I could take (with the settings used) I can apply it to the entire 45 minute recording and would be forever grateful! Thanks!

Filtering out everything above 4kHz, and everything below 150Hz helps.
I’ve used this equalization …
suggested equalization.png
Then noise-reduction, then LevelSpeech2 …
Noise reduction & LevelSpeech2 settings.png
Voila …

Thanks! That worked out pretty good! I ran the Level Speech2 twice. Still wish I could bring her voice out more, but the mic is too far away. Going to have to live with some muddiness, but leaps and bounds ahead of where I was.
Such a great help! Thank you!

Rather than do that, just run it once but with increased “Levelling amount”: from 33% to say 66%.
(and if you need maximum loudness, reduce the “Limiter threshold” from 1 to say 0.9 ).