HELP! i have recorded sound my wife cheatin on me

I have recorder my wife will speaking whit neabor, is anyone willing the help? the sound of voice is very low and it have disturbingsounds from kids phone game sounde i hear some off but not god. It is waw file, please help!!!

Sorry to hear that. It’s probably impossible to bring-out the voices. The stuff you see on TV and in movies is mostly science fiction, but AI is getting better everyday.

What are you going to do with the recording? If you are going to confront your wife you can just tell her you have a recording.

You might need the help of a lawyer. And maybe a private investigator if you need to prove something, but a lawyer can help with that.

In some jurisdictions it’s illegal to secretly record someone.

And if it is legal, any manipulation of the recording might make it inadmissible in court, and if it is admissible the other side will challenge its validity.

Thanks for reply, i need any help for fixing the audio, i have try but whit any result, i will send the file if any will help, im very stressed and dont know what to doo, :cry:

There is phenomenon called Rorchach Audio, (like the inkblots),
where someone misinterprets recordings of noise as speech,
The content of the perceived (not real) speech is biased by their own preoccupations.

If the recording is not loud & clear it’s not proof of anything.
Processing quiet (“low”) audio can make what is just noise sound even more like speech.

Audacity doesn’t have Time Of Day or Running Time built into the files. So on top of quality issues, you need one or both of those to do your job well.

What he said.


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