Help! I accidentally closed without saving & want it back!!

Does anyone know if there’s a way to retrieve a project what was mistakenly closed without saving or exporting? I was devastated when I realized I had done it. I usually export them first and thought I had until I hit the close button. If anyone has any suggestions at all I would greatly appreciate it. I’m fairly computer savvy so I could probably figure out even obscure or complex instructions. Thanks! :smiley:

Please, if you want help, it’s better to post in the board for your operating system. This makes it easier for us to help you. Please refer to the pink panel at the top of the page.

If you left Audacity open a long time and any operating system file history or backup solutions made a copy of the AUTOSAVE file and _temp folder, open those backups. It is very unlikely there are backups unless you went out of your way to configure the system specially.

Otherwise if you are using a Hard Disk Drive and not a Solid State Drive, and have another drive to recover to, try an “undelete” application. Install the undelete application on the other drive too. The fewer changes on the target drive the better are any hopes of a recovery.


Okay sorry. Thanks.

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I think it has probably gone forever. On closing a project that has not been saved, Audacity asks if you want to save it - if you say no, then there is no third chance, Audacity cleans up after itself and closes the project.