Help: guitar 1 on left channel, guitar 2 on right, voice in

Hello !

I need help from the forum.

I have an stereo wav file that contains one guitar, MOSTLY on left channel, another guitar on MOSTLY the right channel and the voice in the middle (in both channels).

I want to isolate as much as possible the guitars as separate wav files.

Splitting the stereo and saving the left and right channels separately is of course an option that helps…then I get maybe 70% of one guitar and 30% of the other.

My question is if there in any more intelligent filtering, so that audio that is predominately in the right channel gets extra filtered in the left channel.

Is there any function in audacity to do that ?



Audacity has a tool to remove center-panned vocal …
If that goes well, you should just have guitars, which you can split into two mono files.
Having done that you can use the pan slider on each mono guitar track to put them where you want in the stereo-field.

There could be some attenuation if you connect the guitar on the voice in.