[HELP] Freezes cannot click when the save menu appears

I cannot find similar error like me, so I’m posting it here.

So this happens to me all the time while using Windows 10.

I’m so tired of this error.

Tried redownloading anything and reinstall, not solving anything.

The software can record my voice perfectly, but when I try to save it, it cannot save when the save menu to name your file appears.

I can do alt-tab and/or click again from taskbar when I save, the blinking type ‘cursor’ shows, but when I type something to save my file, I can’t type anything.

The screen goes like this: https://imgur.com/dbMaLJr

But when I do alt-tabbing/click from taskbar, the typing cursor blinks again, yet again I cannot type anything.

Cannot close it, cannot click anything, even when I click cancel, it doesn’t work. Looks like there is an invisible wall that prevent me to click it.

Cannot click the window when it greyed out.

I must click the taskbar/alt+tab to make the ‘save as’ text black again, but again, I cannot click or type anything.

The software can’t be closed either, except from Task Manager.

Usually, this error happens when I updated the software, then the computer must be restarted to solve the problem. If I dont restart, the error happens again and again and again.

Now, every time the update pop up shows up, I don’t want to update it because it makes similar errors since I dont want all of my project and my time goes to waste.

Sadly, today I’m not lucky enough. That annoying error happens again.

I’ve already recorded my voice three times when this error happens and I must not restart my computer, my recording will gone without saving and I will need to record again.

How can to fix it please?

I think you’re gong to be stuck with that. I think your machine has something wrong and you should repair it before you try any further production.

Do you have lots of free space on your machine? Audio (and video) production take up a lot more room than spreadsheets, text files, and saved emails.

Do you use External, USB, Network, Internet, or Cloud drives? Stop it. Audacity doesn’t get along with those. It assumes every drive it can see can be used for it’s most delicate, critical jobs. It doesn’t understand network re-routing, collision detection, and resends. Do all your work on local drives. C: and D: in the case of Windows.

If your machine has E:, F:, or G:, drives, it’s a good bet you have a cloud or non-internal drive and you may need to disconnect it while you’re doing production. Pull or disconnect your network.

Never leave Skype, Zoom, Meetings, Google Meet, Multi-Player Games or other sound application running in the background while you do production. They take over your computer sound services and you have nothing to say about it.

Some applications can get stuck running or leave settings behind. So do a Clean Shutdown.

Restart or Shut Down Windows doesn’t stop everything. There is a Clean Shutdown. Hold Shift while you Shut Down > OK > Wait and then Start. That will close and reset all the little settings and oddities that applications can leave laying around.

Let us know how it goes.


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I have about 200-400 GB empty space and do all my work on C drive which uses SSD and I never use cloud save like Microsoft One Drive or etc (I’ve disabled the One Drive and any auto-online-related features on Windows 10).

Maybe it has something to do with any program/video game that I’ve played before. So I think I must restart or clean shutdown my PC before any production I do.

The solution still the same, I restarted my PC or clean shut down (I have disabled fast startup for a long time).

Thank you for your additional informations, it is not helping with exact solution I need, but gave me some insight for what should I do before do some production.

Now I should try to re-record my voice placeholder again to test if there’s an error.

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