Help for start recording vocals

Good evening to everyone.
I would like to record single tracks m using Audacity.
I have a 12-channels mixer, a Pc with Audacity installef, and a USB Y-connection that connects microphone and headphones.
More precisely, I am asking
-how to record my own voice, with a microphone connected to the mixer (line in)
-listen to my own voice through headphones using the mixer “audio monitoring”
-in the same time listen, through the headphones, the instrumental base (different track) that Audacity is playing while I am recording
-of course avoiding that the instrumental track could be recorded in the vocal track
Thanks to anyone who could help

Recording Multitrack Overdubs

Does the mixer have USB?

What??? Like a USB hub?

Do you have a USB mic and USB headphones? Those won’t work with a mixer. (A “computer mic” won’t work with a mixer either.)

…Oh, a USB soundcard? That (probably) won’t work with the mixer either, unless it has a line-input. But you still can use it without the mixer for overdubbing, or you can just use your computer’s mic & headphone connections.

Do you desktop/tower compute with a regular soundcard and line-in (usually blue)?

Microphone and line-inputs are different. A line-level signal is about 100 times stronger than a mic signal. (some mixers have a mic/line switches on the input channels)

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