Help For a dummy trying to remove vocals

Hello I will be honest I’m as dumb as a clam when it comes to this stuff. I desperately need help with removing vocals on a song that I can sell. If anyone can help Id really appreciate it.

I presume that you are the copyright holder for these songs?
Do you have the multi-track masters?

I am the copywrite holder I am working off an MP3

That makes it tough. Even the best quality MP3s tend to mange the stereo separation, and that adversely affects how much vocal separation you can get.

There are various tools and procedures, but note that none of them are guaranteed to work - this task is rather like trying to unscramble an egg: Tutorial - Vocal Removal and Isolation - Audacity Manual

ok I was hoping but it needs to be very good quality and I don’t think that is going to happen. Thank You for taking the the time

I don’t think that is going to happen.

I think you’re correct. Sometimes you can remove lead vocals with enough quality for home karaoke messing around, but nobody would do a paid performance that way.

You have two strikes right away. MP3 distortion and no studio masters.