[HELP?] Fixing MKV's audio (really quiet, then REALLY LOUD)

Hi mates :slight_smile:

some of my MKV videos have weird audio settings
all of the dialogues are too quiet :confused: but then suddenly the action scenes become too loud :open_mouth:

when I watch it with the VLC player ( http://www.videolan.org/vlc )
I can easily adjust the audio by enabling the dynamic range compression with these configurations

but when I want to watch it on my big screen TV with my standalone MKV player (Xtreamer Prodigy)
it’s too bad that my player doesn’t have any settings for the dynamic compressor to adjust the audio
so I have to manually turn the TV’s volume down and then back up for talking scenes. It’s so frustrating

I want to adjust the audio permanently with the Audacity using Chris’s Dynamic Compressor plugin
( theaudacitytopodcast.com/chriss-dynamic-compressor-plugin-for-audacity )

but its settings are different with the VLC’s and I can’t figure it out

I would appreciate if anyone could suggest me any config settings
so it would have the same audio level as the VLC’s which would be no sudden loud sound but still audible dialogs

Thanks :slight_smile:

Chris’s Dynamic Compressor uses a unique algorithm that Chris Capel developed (hence the name of the effect). The settings in Chris’s Dynamic Compressor do not directly transfer to any other compressor.

To achieve similar results to the VLC compressor, try using Audacity’s buil-in compressor: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/compressor.html
The Attack and Release (Attack and “Decay” in Audacity) won’t go quite as short as the settings in VLC, so just set them to minimum.
Another peculiarity about the Audacity compressor: when set to “Peak”, the Audacity compressor always makes up the gain to 0 dB.