Help finding ways to fix stuttering and robotic audio

Hello, I’m in need of some help to get a clean audio. I’ve already searched for some tutorials, but it’s hard to find a solution when you don’t know exactly the name of the issue. I’ve recorded a VC discord call of an important Q&A, but in the middle of it a storm happened, wich I guess caused some problems in my internet connection resulting in the broken audio.

The voices are still there! The stuttering it’s not so bad, but the clicking? popping? that’s over it its really annoying.

I was wondering if there’s a way to get rid of it, or to make it quieter to make it less painful to the ears. This problem persist for about 14 minutes or the hour long audio recording, and I already used click remover, but from there I don’t know what to do since my knowledge of Audacity is at basic level.

Using Windows 11, Audacity version 3.3.3

Thank you very much!

No native tools in Audacity to automatically repair clicks.
Even $tore-bought de-clicker plugins don’t make much of a difference …

before-after $tore-bought de-clicker

There are missing pieces, (drop-outs), and stutter glitches. Those are incurable.

I managed to fix it to some degree but it sounds muffled. It’s better that the stuttering though.

The problem is that it only fixes half of the problem, since the recording becomes awful later on. I’m thinking of opening a new thread because I don’t know if it’s the same problem. It’s like an echo stutter? (The words repeat themselves for some reason, like two or three times)

You could try this free AI service …

but you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

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