Help finding effects to fix stuttering audio


I tried searching for fixing a stuttered file, but most is about not getting the problem in the first place. I’ve just video recorded 5 hour seminar, and well, re-recording really won’t work :confused: :cry:

I tried removing the silences, that obviously doesn’t work very well since it becomes too short. I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can do to mask over the issue, and make it more bearable to listen to?

I happily found out using “Reverb…” with “only wet” makes it quite nice to listen. But… With the obvious reverb effect. It would be nice if there was a better way. Or some good settings.

(as for how this became an issue, the machine should not be the problem it’s done clean recordings in 1080P video + audio for years (2014 era i5 quad core with 16G ram, Linux, only used for recording) - there was a lot interference and many other Sennheiser G3 EW100 sender/recievers in the room though, so thinking it could be that.)

[Actually using Linux, but this is not platform specific]


Actually using Linux, but this is not platform specific

Some of the most challenging posts come from people who partially diagnose the problem themselves, and then pre-filter the symptoms before they post.

The three OSs have very different causes for stuttering. You can really get some entertaining problems if you use one OS in Virtual Machine of a different one.

Let’s assume you are in Linux with no complications. Which Linux?


Which Audacity? I’m using 2.1.2.


Hey, thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

I will investigate the cause, but I do not have access to the location anymore. I’m trying to fix the recording. I guess I should’ve put it in one of the other forums, but I needed ‘help’ and the other stuttering posts I found was here.

It was not Audacity doing the recording, but OBS (Open Broadcast Studio). The recording-machine Linux is Ubuntu 16.04, it has no Audacity as it only has OBS + Ubuntu. This machine is Arch Linux 2.1.2. But I have Windows on it too, in case there’s some plugins or other tools which will be able to recover the audio better.

So the last 2 seconds of the clip is how most of the 6 hours are.

Using Reverb with Room size: 0%, Pre-delay: 0ms, Reverberance: 50%, Damping: 100%, Tone Low/High: 100%/100%, Wet Gain: 10db (well, useless, but instead of doing extra amplification after), Stereo Width: 0%, Checkbox Wet Only Clicked.

With these settings it gets a bit better to listen to. Less choppy. Are there any other effects which might work better, or any settings which will make it better? Some in-fill into the silent bits.


We can’t detect content, so when there are missing pieces like that, the software doesn’t know what to put back.

See if the attached is any better. I duplicated the track twice and offset each one a little to the right with the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows). This partially fills in the holes. Maybe if you did it three times, it would sound better.


Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 15.27.52.png

How about temporal-blur it using PaulStretch to fill the silent gaps …

PaulStretch settings used (no stretch, just temporal blur).png

Those are both quite good suggestions.

I tested them now, and I think actually the paulstretch gives the best result. Or I actually asked my girlfriend which one she preferred. Made a clip with all of them on it. First original, then reverb, then paulstretch, then time shift, and finally echo (which I also tried).

It’s a quite robotic sound, but feels a bit more like just bad recording equipment and not an added effect like reverb. I’ll try this on the full video tomorrow. Thanks a lot for the help guys!