[HELP!]Creating Acapella


I am really stuck! So I thought I would turn to you guys! I’m trying to create an acapella of an .mp3 I have for a remix competiton, I can create the instrumental FINE. However matching the wavelengths of my newly created instrumental against the original .mp3 is not happening! ThereforeI know I can’t create an acapella till BOTH are identical - so how do I make each one identical?! Or is there any other way of creating an acapella from the mp3 song?

Both files are the same size, just different wavelengths!

Thank you guys in advance!

<<<I’m trying to create an acapella of an .mp3>>>

That used to be flat impossible with the tools available, but there are a couple of tools now…

Voice Isolator (Opposite of Center Pan Remover)
Voice Trap
Extra Boy


Thanks alot - I will try it when I get home :wink:

I’ll let you know how I get on!

P.s aren’t a fan of Kozi are you, by any chance?

Can you make a track acapella now with Audacity or is there any other tools to use now?

I need to make an MP3 acapella, thanks! :slight_smile:

There are no new tools in Audacity for doing this. The tools listed in the earlier post are still the most common ones used. Some of the demo examples of those tools are quite impressive, but the few reports we have had from users suggest that good results are difficult to achieve. If you try these effects, feel free to post your findings.

No freeware? :frowning: