Help Connecting Nord Lead to Audacity

Hi, I’ve been trying to connect my Nord Lead (the original Nord Lead) to Audacity.

I’m using simple USB-MIDI cables like these:

My PC sees that the USB-MIDI cables are connected, but I can’t find the device on Audacity when I go to edit–preferences and look there.

I have connected this keyboard using the same cables to an iMac in the past, and would really like to get this working with my new PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That’s classic MIDI. That’s how my old keyboard worked with a mini version of the CakeWalk MIDI Sequencer software.

Audacity doesn’t speak MIDI. I use the headphone connection on the keyboard (both old and new) to connect to the computer for recording. That’s how I did this 13 second clip:

My MacBook Pro speaks Stereo Line-Level directly, so it was just put an audio cable in and go.

If you have a newer PC, it may only have a headset or microphone connection and you might need a stereo adapter such as the Behringer UCA-202 or equivalent. Pretend my keyboard is on the right instead of my mixer.

If you go with somebody else, be sure it says stereo in and out. There are adapters available that will play stereo but won’t record it.


If you use the keyboard to play the MIDI interpreter inside your PC instead of its own music, it may be possible to force Audacity to record the PC playback.

That’s the same technique to record YouTube video sound. Note that the quality of the instruments is likely to be sucky because it’s coming from the PC, not the keyboard.