Help connecting alesis dm6 to computer for simple recording


I am new to electronic drums and want to know how to connect my kit to my laptop so i can record a simple beat etc. But I am very confused on how to do so! haha
these are the cables I have:

  • USB A to USB B
  • stereo to stereo aux cable
  • midi to USB
  • female to female midi adapter
  • midi to stereo adapter
  • headphone splitter

the only ports i have on my alesis module are

  • phones
  • output
  • mix in
  • USB

… is there any way I can connect and get audacity to acknowledge my kit as a recording device? Or do I have to get a whole midi box/controller? The module does not a midi circle plug to connect which is why i purchased the midi to stereo hoping things would connect…My main goal is to plug in my kit, hit record and be able to play back what I tap out. Thank you for your help


Audacity does not record MIDI and you do not have a line-in input on your computer suitable for connecting to audio out of the drum kit. Please see your previous post where all this was explained.

Buy yourself a USB interface that has a line-in.


What exactly is a USB interface? Can you possibly post a link to where I can buy one? Then does that go in between my computer and drums to connect them? would I then have the cables that are required and what goes where? I’m sorry for all the dumb questions! haha


If you read your previous topic you will see that we gave you a link to some suitable interfaces. Here is the link again:

Several of us here have the Behringer UCA 202 mentioned in that link, so if you buy that we’ll probably be able to give you a little help using it (if necessary).

Have you read the Alesis DM6 Reference Manual? If you use the Behringer UCA 202 it will probably be best to connect from the DM6 stereo output to the Behringer. You’ll need a cable with a 1/8 inch stereo plug on one end (to go into the DM6 stereo output) and two red and white RCA plugs on the other end (to go into left and right on the Behringer). Unless your AUX cable is that, you’ll need to buy that cable.

Here is an example Stereo 1/8 Inch to Dual RCA Adapter Cable.

Then the other step is to connect the UCA to the USB port on the computer. That USB cable will come with the UCA.

Then you start Audacity and select the UCA 202 as recording device in Audacity 's Device Toolbar.


Thank you so much for the help, cords and Behringer finally came in and I am able to record! I’ve run into a slight problem… the audio I hear from my drums is delayed from what is actually recorded (which lines up and is fine). Like I hit the pad and the sound I hear from my headphones is delayed. Do you know if this is a setting I can adjust in audacity or part of the alesis system? Thanks again! :smiley:


Make sure in the Audacity menus that Transport > Software Playthrough is off (not ticked or checkmarked). If you then don’t hear your drums, move the monitoring switch on the UCA 202.