Help cleaning up audio from 35mm film

I want to clean up this audio clip of the music from the Cineplex Odeon Feature Presentation trailer off a 35mm film snip found in a Vancouver trash can. What would be the best way/settings to do it? The default noise reduction settings kinda work, but some of the quality of the clip is lost, particularly on the high end and I’m too lazy to change the settings atm.

Here’s the clip. BTW, if you lived in Canada during the 80s or 90s, this may be nostalgic to you:

You need software (standalone/plugin) specifically designed to tackle crackle,
I used Brian Davies DeCrackle turned up to max …

[ I can’t find Brian’s website :open_mouth: ]

I heard that Brian was discontinuing his software due to ill health. His website appears to have gone off-line last year.

Can still get Brian’s software via Waybackmachine …
It requires JAVA to run & IIRC it has a 21 day trial period,
(if Brian is out of business I doubt it will be possible to extend that period).