Help - can't see decibel level anymore

Hello, I’m a beginner user of Audacity and I can’t see my decibel level anymore. First there was ‘‘L R’’ next to that bar and now ‘‘L F’’. I use the app for a Scarlett studio.

Anyone know what the problem might be?

It’s a bug in the macOS version of Audacity. It should be fixed in the next release version of Audacity.

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Thank you. When can I expect the new release?

Sorry, I’ve no idea.

If you need to go back to a previous version while you are waiting, many old versions are available from FossHub: Old Audacity versions download

Unfortunately the previous versions are not working either. Thank you for your help, I hope the new release will arrive soon.

Not working in what way? Which versions have you tried?

I still have no: L and R but L and F. So I can’t see the decibels.
I’ve tried different versions;
3.4.1 macOS DMG for Apple Silicon ARM64
3.4.1 macOS DMG for Apple Silicon universal
3.3.2 macOS Universal DMG

It sounds like you will need to do a “clean” installation of an alternative version of Audacity.
Before installing another version, completely remove all previous versions, including the “Preference files” from: /your_home_directory/Library/Application Support/audacity/

I cannot find those folders on my Macbook. Are you sure you are speaking about the Mac installation?

Yes, the Preferences configuration files are in ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/ on macOS, where “~/” means your home directory. Note that macOS has two different “Library” folders, but only one of them is in your home directory.

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This is a bug in macOS 14.2, not Audacity. If you update your macOS version to the 14.3 beta, it’s fixed.

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Hi Steve, thank you for your assistance, I will wait until the next update 14.3… I hope it’s soon.

Nothing more fun than dipping a graphic Mac user into Unix-Speak.
I can show you the graphic method of deleting the personal preferences. This is an older Mac, so it might not track exactly, but it should.

Close all your applications. Make sure the Dock at the bottom of the screen is clean. No applications hiding or napping.

From the plain, clean Desktop, Go.


Down at the bottom, Go To Folder.


Type in the location. Put your system name in place of mine.


That should give you a long list of personal preferences. Find audacity. Lower case “a”.


Before you trash it, you can open it up and see the storage of Macros, Plugins, Session Data, etc.


This is what enables you to upgrade Audacity without having to go back through all your custom setups again. The down side is having damage stick to you like a tick in the forest.

Drag it to the trash.

The two most stable versions so far are Audacity 3.3.3 and 3.4.2. If production is really important, go with 3.3.3.


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You also have to drag Audacity application to the trash.

If you have it in the dock, bottom of screen, Start there.

Screen Shot 2024-01-16 at 7.09.39 AM

Then Go > Applications > Audacity. I won’t illustrate that one because mine is a little wacky. There is a way to keep multiple Audacity versions available. I found it by accident. Handy because I’m a forum elf.


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