Help! Can't Record on Audacity with Conexant SmartAudio

Help! I am unable to record on Audacity, version 2.1.3, downloaded via an .exe installer. When I press the record button there is just a flat line. I had no problem on my old laptop, but it just won’t work on my new one, (Lenovo Ideapad 310). I believe that the difference is my new laptop is running on Windows 10. In Audacity there is no stereo mix, only Conexant SmartAudio. I have found many other people who are having the same issue, but I have yet to find anyone who has a solution!

I was told that I needed to enable stereo mix in Audacity, so I downloaded Realtek high definition audio, but I can’t get it to work. I downloaded updated drivers, but that was a bust. I have made sure that my “show disabled devices” in control panel > sound is checked. When I go into my laptop’s Sound > Recording Devices, Realtek doesn’t even show up. I have tried deleting and reinstalling both Realtek and the drivers. I have tried playing around with the buttons in Audacity under edit > preferences >devices > playback, recording and interface. I have made sure that the volume is cranked.

If someone has a solution, please let me know. If you know of a free program similar to Audacity, could you please let me know. I upload videos to YouTube, and I need a program to record myself talking. Please note: as you can probably tell from my post, I have very limited technical knowledge of computers, so please respond as if you are teaching a 6-year-old algebra! Thanks! :smiley:

I upload videos to YouTube, and I need a program to record myself talking.

In that case, select your microphone as your [u]Recording Device[/u], not Stereo Mix.

If you want to record what’s coming out of your soundcard (like Stereo Mix) with Win10, use [u]WASAPI looback[/u].