Help!!! Can't install Gsnap

Does any one know how to install gsnap. I followed the instruction in the Youtube video but gsnap does not show up in my effects

Audacity does not author or validate YouTube videos which may be plain wrong (or as in this case, wrong because they missed out installation steps).

Audacity does author a Manual, which I suggest you look at: FAQ: How do I install VST plug-ins? .

So as you have now learned, the step missing from the video is that you have to open the Effects Preferences, enable rescan of VST effects then restart Audacity.


I have had the same problems: Gsnap is not showing up under the effects tab. However, I followed the whole “rescan for VST plugins” in the preferences section. The box showing the new .dll files to install turn up, and I can click ok, but the effects never show up when I re-open Audacity. I have the plugins saved in several different folders that should be able to be accessed by Audacity but it still doesn’t change anything.

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It sure helps if you do what Steve asked. But in this case it’s obviously Windows (see “DLL”) and obviously it’s 2.0.4 or later (otherwise there would not be the “Install VST Effects” dialogue).

If you see GSnap in the “Install VST Effects” dialogue and make sure that it is ticked, and if you downloaded the 32-bit version of GSnap, then it will appear in the Audacity Effect Menu, underneath the divider, called “GVST:GSnap”.

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