Help bringing down the audio spikes

I’ve got this recording that “spikes” red, like off the charts red (as well as some blue too), like into the over 1.0+ area. Problem is, it too amped up and loud and distorts (especially bass) and makes an otherwise awsome recording sound bad. Can anyone provide me with the answer of how to correct this?

I’d really appreciate any and all the help I could get.

Thank you

Well… There is a [u]Clip Fix[/u] “effect”, but you can’t completely remove distortion. In fact you can’t do that much at all… :frowning:

With [u]clipping[/u], the top part of the waveform is chopped-off and there is no way to know the original height or shape of the wave.

like into the over 1.0+ area.

It probably doesn’t actually go over 0dB (1.0), because most audio formats don’t go over 0dB, and analog-to-digital converters (and digital-to-analog converters) simply cannot go any higher. If it does go above 0dB, you can simply reduce the volume, but in that case you probably wouldn’t be hearing distortion at reasonable playback volumes.