HELP!! Audacity won't save uploaded LP's and asks for libmp

Help me PLEASE!! I’m a studio singer in Nashville, TN I have an iMac 10.12.6 OS Sierra. I’ve just purchased a Crosley USB Portable Turntable and have uploaded the CD rom that came with it to use the program Audacity version 2.6. I’m about to throw this record player and cd rom across the room. I can get a song off of an LP to record on the Audacity program… but it will NOT save it, I’ve looked at all the youtube video’s of trying to save and convert to an MP3, so that I can add it to my iTunes library… but it’s not working. And it eventually disappears out of Audacity, which is really weird. After many clicks etc… up comes a box that says where is libmp3lame.dylib? and I have NO idea of what this is. I’m NOT technically savvy, and not an engineer in anyway… so please help me with simple terms and answers. I’d appreciate any hand-holding you can give to a novice. And would so appreciate any help. My email is, i’m also same person on FB at this link: Thanks so much!!

I removed your personal information. We are a spam magnet and it’s not a good idea to post that stuff.

Having it vanish from Audacity is not normal.

Audacity will not create an MP3 by itself. You have to add the “Lame” special purpose software.

Audacity will not “save” a sound file. If you want a stand-alone sound file you should File > Export one.

And finally, Audacity 2.0.6 is super old. You should probably install Audacity 2.2.2 from here. You can get the Lame software from there, too.

Post if you get stuck.


You probably have Audacity 1.2.6 (not 2.6, which does not exist).
Start by downloading the latest Audacity here.
You do not necessarily need LAME (which allows Audacity to export to MP3 format). iTunes will do that for you.

You save Audacity projects. You export your finished project to a file that iTunes (and other programs) can play.

You should have a look through the Getting Started guide in the manual.

– Bill

Thanks Bill and Koz,
Sorry about including personal info… didn’t think about spam stuff. Ok, looking at the Crosley CD rom that came with turntable, on the side is says Version 2.6, and at bottom it says Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X. So, as i’m reading the link you provided for me to download this newer versions of Audacity 2.2.2… before I even do that, do i need to delete the previous ones i downloaded onto my computer from the disc? … or will it over-ride it with new version? I’m seeing this info on the site you gave me?

"Plug-Ins: If you still have an “Audacity” installation folder for a version before 2.1.3, you will see working duplicates of Audacity’s shipped Nyquist plug-ins in the Generate, Effect or Analyze Menu. You may also see non-working duplicates of other previously shipped plug-ins. To clean up the duplicates please see: Installing and updating Audacity on Mac.

Before deleting the Audacity folder from a previous installation, remember to move any optional plug-ins you added to its plug-ins folder to the new Audacity Plug-Ins folder at ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/Plug-Ins.

And do I get rid of this program by just dumping it into the trash, or are there more things that I need to go and grab and trash?

You currently have a basic installation of some unknown version of Audacity (version 2.6 does not exist, no matter what it says on the CD). So you do not have to concern yourself with “optional plug-ins”.

If you have an Audacity folder in your Applications folder, with the Audacity application inside that folder, it would be a good idea to trash that entire folder. If you simply have the Audacity application in your Applications folder, the installation process will over-write it.

Then download the latest Audacity and follow the installation instructions. Start it up. Open your project.

– Bill