(HELP) Audacity Won't Record If Other Media Is Being Played

I’m an “artist” and recently I reset my PC, deleting everything on it. Fast forward a few weeks and I try to record some vocals, I have the instrumental playing in the background in Ableton Live 9 Lite, as always, and audacity refuses to start recording. It only blinks at the starting point. I’m perplexed, but I shrug it off and redownload the drivers for my interface (U-Phoria UMC204hd) and try again. Same problem. I download the newest version of Audacity(2.2.0), but it does it again. So I’m going nuts and trying to update all of my drivers, to no avail. This issue persists with any media, Spotify music, YouTube videos, mediaplayer music, etc. If a song is playing, audacity won’t record. If audacity is recording, a song won’t play. It even does this when I import songs INTO audacity and try to play. I’ve tried this with other audio recording platforms and it does the same thing, leading me to believe it isn’t necessarily a problem with audacity. I’m desperate, so PLEASE, anybody, help me.

Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel and see if the device that you are using is set to “exclusive mode”. If it is, try turning that off.

Note that ASIO drivers require exclusive access to the audio device, so if you are running a program that uses ASIO, the device will not be available for non-ASIO applications (such as Audacity). Ableton Live uses ASIO by default.

Thank you, this fixed it.