HELP! Audacity Won't Let me Export As WAV...

I have looked and looked online and cannot find an answer for my problem.

When I try to export as a WAV is brings up an error code that says it cannot export audio in that format.

I have tried to change things on the file but nothing is working.
Am I crazy or missing something.

(I even changed file name to 1 to see if it was a name thing and nope).


That’s weird… Does MP3 work?

Is it a huge-long file? (WAV is limited to 4GB).

Make sure you have access to the disc location (Documents, etc.) and try a “simple” file name.

Can you post a screen shot ?

I am having the same problem. I have a windows 10 computer specifically a Vaio flip (not sony). I was on a lower level of audacity 2. something when it stopped being able to save a wav file. I can save an mp3 not a wav. So I updated audacity to 3.3 and it still won’t save to wav. It doesn’t matter if I recorded it using the mic or file was recovered. won’t save it.

The error message I get is: Cannot export audio to this format

Is there any other information you need? I’d appreciate your assistance.

I haven’t seen this message before. Did you post a screenshot ? Which encoding are you using ? Are exporting via File > Export > Export as WAV ?

What is your project sample rate: Audio Setup > Audio Settings > Quality.

Have you tried Tools > Reset Configuration ?

I tried tools > reset configuration and it seemed to take care of the issue. Many thanks!

Just to follow up on your other questions…

  • I typed in the message with blue ! “Cannot export audio to this format”
  • As a newbie to recordings, I don’t know about encoding so I don’t know which I am using. Sound like something I should know. Where could I find that?
  • Yes I was trying to export via File > Export >Export as WAV when I got the error message
  • I think the sample rate I’m using is 48000 if I’m looking in the right place.

Again, many thanks!

The format of a standard WAV file is PCM which is just a sequence of samples that represent amplitude values… Each sample represents the negative or positive “height” of the waveform at one instant in time.

The WAV file should end-up matching the Project Rate. You can check-confirm the format of the exported file with MediaInfoOnline (or you can download MediaInfo and run it on your computer).