HELP! Audacity not recognizing UA Console app plugins

Hey Friends!

I got an Apollo Twin duo mainly for the plugins (inserts). I do Voice Over professionally and went from Mac to PC (for various reasons sorry i jumped ship!). After setting up my Universal Audio Console app with my plugins, and getting things dialed in and ready to record i jump over to Audacity, However Audacity only records flat, doesn’t pickup the plugins from UA Console, seems it’s only is pulling from the USB Apollo Twin Duo. I know what you’re thinking, “This idiot didn’t click on Rec Mon” well I did, and double checked my Analog Rec Mon, and all my outs. I know that my output from the app works with the plugins cause it plays fine plugins and all on programs like Discord, Skype, Zoom. So why would other apps play the Twin Duo through UA’s Console, but not Audacity? Audacity is a fresh install, so i didn’t tinker with the settings. I can’t find a single article, forum, video online regarding this issue, so yes i prolly am an idiot!

Suggestions? anyone else had this issue?

Be nice! Thank you for your time!

To get full functionality from the Apollo Twin duo (on Windows), you probably need to use an ASIO host with real-time VST support (such as Reaper, Cubase, Sonar, Cakewalk,…)
Audacity does not provide real-time VST support. Effects in Audacity can be applied after recording, not while recording.

Thanks Steve! Its crazy cause you’re the first among many forums websites with that answer! Fellow VO friend recommended I try Reaper as well. Imma give it a go and see!

Thank you!