HELP- Audacity crash restored version I don't want

I’m running the latest version of Audacity on my MacBook pro Catalina 10.15.7.

I recorded about 30 minutes of audio and saved throughout the recording process. It all saved fine. I SHOULD HAVE EXPORTED THE AUDIO HERE TO SAVE MYSELF FROM HEADACHES. Lesson learned!

But, I was exporting smaller takes of the recording. I moved a take down to another track and exported that small take. This is when Audacity crashed. When I opened it again from the project file, the original track was missing - the majority of the audio. It autosaved the smaller single take track only. Most of my audio is gone, except for that 1 take.

I know I saved the project with all the audio. How do I revert back to that version of the project??

Help. Please, please tell me there is a version of my earlier saved files somewhere in my Mac. How do I locate them??